Recognize this?

We all experience sometimes life get in its way even when we try to prevent this. Recognize some (or all) listed here? Than contact me today to be in sync again!

Often busy but not productive?

Busy but at the end of the day still not have done the things which you had planned to do? Many of us recognize this but there is a very easy way to resolve this and feel productive everyday!

Want to get more things done in less time?

Are your working days too short to get all work done? Let me help you with a few simple tricks to do more in less time!

Let me help you get unstuck and move in the right direction again!

Personal Business Buddy sessions are excellent when you feel you are stuck on some track, when you can use an uplifting word, when you need some fuel to ignite again. Personal Business Buddy sessions are excellent just to speak out loud about your ideas and dreams which results immediately in a clearer picture of your next steps.
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Regain focus

Did life get in your way while busy working? Did urgent things came up which made you not finish the work you were planned to do? Then let me help you regain your focus!

More free time again

Feel like being constantly overstretched and longing for a moment just doing nothing? Let me assist you to gain your personal me time again.

Stop feeling Overwhelmed

Has your to do list grown up to more than 10 things to do now and all seems equally urgent to you? Than use me to select the important ones from the ones which you can handle later.

Contact me now and regain focus!

You will get direct access to your Personal Buddy Page where you can schedule an online call & share your urgent questions and get access to lots of resources.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Dave Mansoor , trainer and as your Personal Business Buddy love to accompany you.

Typical of me is a desire to share opportunities, fresh ideas and new media where I focus on results for my clients, sharing passion, knowledge and skills with others who also love being curious and open to new opportunities, constantly making good use of all knowledge, business and networking opportunities that the internet provides us with.

I brought my 25 years of commercial experience in various organizations to my own business and approach in 2009 : What Next.

No longer selling products and services from reputable big companies, but assisting other independent professionals getting more clients in a way that suits them.

WhatNext associates with other professional organizations who have made their mark in the industry and can contribute to your success

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As a private client we are partners in this journey. So do not hesitate and schedule our next Personal Business Buddy call now via the Book Now button (and… if you choose for multiple sessions option, preferably all, with minimum of one week in between), so you can use the optimal use of your investment in your personal growth.

If you are in the highest gear now and want to speed up things even more, than consider to purchase the Additional WaytoWow packages to give you even more fuel to ignite! (however; don’t do about it! Love to see you purchase multiple packages, but I prefer to see you do the works with all your focus and attention on one package before continuing with the next one. But obviously, it’s all up to you!)

Note: You can schedule a session any time available for you and me (just click on the Calendly booking button and you can book a free spot immediately).

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What other people say

“What I believe in myself is that when I have your own enterprise, enthusiasm can take you far. Dave is someone who also believes in that and further fuels my own enthusiasm about my company. He teaches you things from his own experience, which makes the coaching come across very personally. Not big theories that may or may not work, but an interactive workshop in which he considers input from the group important. He has tips for all kinds of different situations that actually work, I have personally noticed. How do you make sure you’re businesslike in a pleasant way? How do you deal with impossible customers? How do you make a deal?
Dave knows a lot, is involved with his clients and put a lot of energy into them. A lot of people say this, but with Dave I feel it.”  (Saar Koopman,

“Dave is a truly commercial talent. He is very interested in people and is an attentive listener. He combines his extensive people skills with the ability to separate the important from the redundant and therefor bring his ideas across in a cristal clear way. Besides that, he is a driven professional who finds commercial oportunities in every situation. Mixing commercial talent with his ability to easily connect to people makes him one of the best sales persons I’ve ever come across. Therefor, I can recommend Dave to anyone!” (Frank de Moei, Professional Coach and Trainer)

“Dave is an inspiring trainer, has refreshing ideas and a style that gives energy. His specialism is commercial thinking and doing, but with a visible own stamp. I know Dave as an optimist who wants to share his knowledge and actually always does something more than you expect. Always nice to spar together and know your welcome!”  (Lia Bleijenberg, Learning in Organizations)

What will you get?

First Personal Business Buddy call online

One (or more if you booked) online Zoom Coach call, with live interaction, feedback, tips, tricks and additional material to work on and keep you focussed after our call.

Second Personal Business Buddy Call*

We will continue where we left and add some more.

*Note; these additional Buddy Coach call are only included in the premium package. you can extend your package now by clicking here.

Third Personal Business Buddy Call*

Time to look back at your transformation and what you have been able to do with a few adjustments in mentality and work attitude. And outlining the upcoming three months for you so you are energized to mover forward!

*Note; these additional Buddy Coach call are only included in the premium package. you can extend your package now by clicking here.

Bonus Material

We all need time to relax and be inspired by others, wether those are world leaders or individuals who were able to influence the world with their words or actions. You will receive a tailor made list of bonus material which helps you to focus and grow, both personally as well on your entrepeneurial journey!

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This offer is limited to first 25 people to book, after that, the regular prices will continue
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  • who like to question themselves
  • who are open for growth
  • who are willing to look beyond the already beaten tracks
  • who are curious
  • constantly in search for new ways of doing business



  • with excellent focus and now what is best for them
  • who like to limit themselves and not appreciate positive feedback
  • expecting immediate answers without sharing their own insights first
  • who says “I know this already” and not asking themselves whát they actually did with knowing already.

As soon as you book, you can login to your personal buddy page where you can schedule your Coach call

Sure you can! On your personal buddy page you can leave your answers for me and I will respond to these questions within 24 hours. (there is even a SOS service available for urgent questions which need to be answered the same day)

If you are not sure if this is something for you, than contact me directly so we can decide together

Stop Procrastinating & Act Now!

The only way to move forward when you feel overwhelmed is to take immediate action. Every action, how small, helps you to get closer to your goal. So stop procrastinating and act NOW!
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