Without sales, your organisation will not be succesful and your products and good services not being shared with the world.
Entired studies and rows of books about the secrets of sales have been written and are devoted to this, and masses of methodologies and smart systems designed for it.
Been there, seen it all, but with us you haven’t come to the right place for that.
We like to focus on those things that allow YOU to make rapid progress.
We do not have all the wisdom but we do have our own vision of sales. One that sees Contact as the main road to Contract.
One that is about making use of the right moment and creating opportunities. And one that doesn’t want to say A, but especially B:

(from) A
Internal navel gazing
Looking back and analyzing
Talking about
Adhoc sales efforts
Traditional methods
Yes but…
Gruelling sales calls
Pushing and pushing

(to) B
External customer contact
Looking forward and doing business
Flexible customer-oriented movement
Continuity and customer loyalty
New media and customization
Swinging together
Listen and connect