WhatNext is an initiative of Dave Mansoor.
His commercial experience and personal approach in a wide range of organizations over the past 20 years serve as the basis for WhatNext’s approach.
Characteristic of Dave Mansoor’s approach is the infectious passion with which he continuously values new media, other possibilities and refreshing ideas and aims for results-oriented efforts. He makes grateful use of the (shared) knowledge and acquaintances that the Internet offers us all.
He likes to share his passion, knowledge and skills with others who are curious about paths that are not immediately obvious and that are open to new opportunities. WhatNext works with professionals who have earned their spurs in business and are in the service of your success.

What customers say….

"What I believe in myself is that when i have your own enterprise, enthusiasm can take you far. Dave is someone who also believes in that and further fuels my own enthusiasm about my company. He teaches you things from his own experience, which makes the coaching come across very personally. Not big theories that may or may not work, but an interactive workshop in which he considers input from the group important. He has tips for all kinds of different situations that actually work, I have personally noticed. How do you make sure you're businesslike in a pleasant way? How do you deal with impossible customers? How do you make a deal?
Dave knows a lot, is involved with his clients and put a lot of energy into them. A lot of people say this, but with Dave I feel it."  (Saar Koopman, www.saarkoopman.com)

"Dave is an inspiring trainer, has refreshing ideas and a style that gives energy. His specialism is commercial thinking and doing, but with a visible own stamp. I know Dave as an optimist who wants to share his knowledge and actually always does something more than you expect. Always nice to spar together and know your welcome!"  (Lia Bleijenberg, Learning in Organizations)

"Dave is a truly commercial talent. He is very interested in people and is an attentive listener. He combines his extensive people skills with the ability to separate the important from the redundant and therefor bring his ideas across in a cristal clear way. Besides that, he is a driven professional who finds commercial oportunities in every situation. Mixing commercial talent with his ability to easily connect to people makes him one of the best sales persons I've ever come across. Therefor, I can recommend Dave to anyone!"  (Frank de Moei, Professional Coach and Trainer)

What customers say….

"Good trainer in terms of style and clarity."

"Very experienced seller who knows how to reach out to each participant what he/she needs to take next steps."

"Dave is enthusiastic and engages the participants. (…) summarizes well and returns to previously discussed topics. An example for other trainers."

"Purposeful, solution-oriented and tenacious."

"Dave Mansoor comes across very clearly and kindly while giving his workshop. I find it very informative and interesting , he has a lot of good tips and mainly motivates you to dare and get the best out of yourself."

"Dave is home of all markets."

"Infectiously enthusiastic and energetic."

"Dave gives personal attention, is to-the-point, careful and motivating."

"Dave has a smooth chat, but is not a smooth guy. He is extremely good at listening and making useful connections."

"Gives positive energy, is honest, clear, open and friendly."

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