WhatNext advises organizations on the design and implementation of a tailor-made Social Media (strategy and content) Plan.

The aim of this Plan is to actively assist the customers of the organization along online roads and to strengthen the bond, to entice fans to visit more frequently and at the same time to arouse interest among new potential interested parties. This by creating an attractive platform where transparent communication and engagement takes place between organization and its customers in a customer-friendly environment.

Many organizations and their customers seem sensitive to all crisis stories. This is expressed in different ways and depends on the industry in which you operate.

At the same time, these kinds of circumstances also offer many opportunities, especially in the social media field. By providing promising solutions that can be used effectively and efficiently. Solutions that fit well with the wishes and needs of the organization and its end customer.

Our offer
For a multi-party approach, it’s good to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as Social Media platforms that reinforce each other. Advantages for the use of an ambassador’s program mbv a combination of platforms include:

  • reaching current customers

  • receive appreciation from the customer in choosing to involve them

  • in the case of an indirect channel; contribute to increase retailer sales which can lead to higher purchasing behaviour

  • interest of the end customer- by sending customized email newsletters and inviting them to visit the Facebook company page regularly.

  • interest, engagement with end customer.

  • promoting new products and services

  • attract potential new customers

  • strengthening community around the brand

  • learn more about the end customer (likes/dislikes specifically or in general

WhatNext opts for a combination of accessible (online) marketing tools that can be launched directly with and through the employees of the organization.  Our approach consists of a Kick-off and 3 phases.